The CCPD Fellowship Opportunities Creators

CCPD team

Class of 2022: Andres Orozco, Lexi Medina, Colton Stone, Katherine Samples (left to right)


This Computer Science capstone project was presented as a request from the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) staff who wanted an easier way for Southwestern students to find what fellowships, monetary awards usually based on academic merit rather than need, they were eligible for. We needed to make a more interactive website that could give each user a personalized view of which fellowships they could apply to. Rather than use a pre-built template, we started from scratch, working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to customize a website that is designed to be intuitive for users, particularly Southwestern students. Though the website is currently hosted outside of Southwestern, it follows SU style guidelines, ideally providing a seamless experience for users. When launched, the site will allow current and future students, advisors, and others to create curated lists of fellowships for which they match the criteria, and follow up further with the CCPD for specific guidance on crafting successful applications.